First to Market (FTM) Consulting Group Capability Profile

Company profile

Our main objective is to provide business leaders with a plethora of marketing strategies to enhance the brand awareness of their firm’s products, services and ideas in highly competitive global industries. At FTM, we will provide our clientele a portfolio of services including strategic marketing communications, speech writing, digital engagement/social media, technical writing, crisis communication services and qualitative research analysis. Our team has influential contacts within energy, transportation and education related industries to assist our clients in achieving their desired outcomes for their respective organizations.

Check out examples of services that FTM offers its clients

  • Expertise in providing media relations and brand awareness for public-private partnerships (PPPs) which included collaborations between non-profit organizations and the U.S. Department of Energy (e.g. Directed public affairs strategy for the American Energy & Manufacturing Competitiveness Partnership)

  • Directed successful customer relationship management (CRM) strategies to increase membership for non-profit organizations (e.g. Created and published several digital news publications aimed at enhancing membership cultivation and retention and media outreach efforts)

  • Spearheaded multiple crisis communication programs for senior leadership in private industry (e.g. Created internal resources for managing, leveraging and averting crises when catastrophic corporate- related events occur)

  • Possesses unique qualifications and expertise in technical writing, public relations and project management of various marketing communication campaigns pertaining to the high performance computing (HPC) industry and relevant PPPs


We provide digital marketing strategy and implementation, public affairs and crisis communications for nonprofits and small and medium-sized manufacturers (SMEs) focused on manufacturing, education, technology-based policy and product-centric services.



At FTM, we will offer our wide range of clientele superior customer service and empower them to utilize creative marketing strategies and value the ROI that our programs provide. Through hands-on training, on-site consultation and internal feedback mechanisms in place, FTM will ensure all of its clientele’s promotional and marketing goals are met while maintaining value, impact, timeliness and accuracy of our services.


Case Study Examples

  • Led and executed a public relations campaign for a PPP between industry and research universities which culminated in the consortium earning the HPC Wire Award for its implementation of supercomputing technology and its impact on small businesses’ success.

  • Developed and executed a successful crisis communication campaign on behalf of charter schools and their respective foundations to tackle the devastation of Hurricane Urma in 2017.

    • Led to a plethora of media support to generate awareness for the need to rebuild and restore decimated school facilities during this natural disaster

    • Generated numerous donations by implementing a tactical digital strategy including social media, email marketing and online blogging

  • Project managed, produced and implemented multi-prong social media campaigns for various energy, HPC and infrastructure summits, which gathered high-ranking officials from government, national labs and private industry.

First to Market Consulting Group Capability Profile