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As a boutique marketing communications firm, FTM aims to provide business leaders with a portfolio of marketing solutions to enhance the brand awareness of their firm’s products, services and ideas in highly competitive global industries. FTM provides its clientele with a full suite of marketing strategies including speech writing, digital engagement/social media, technical writing, marketing research and crisis communication services. In addition, our clients will have access to onsite training and routine coaching on marketing principles with senior staff members. The following is a quick snapshot of our firm’s services. Contact us for detailed specifics about your business objectives and potential scope of work.   

Speech Writing

At FTM, we ensure that our clients are prepared with timely, exceptionally written speeches and messaging collateral that hone in on the most pertinent issues that impact to your customer base. FTM will work with your senior staff to ensure that your messages are consistent and on point when addressing the general public about products/services or industry-related issues. Our team will ensure that your staff is well-equipped and positioned to succeed at your company’s press conferences, annual meetings, tradeshow presentations and other industry-related events.

In-house Marketing Consulting (Includes Marketing Audit and Crisis Communications)

FTM will partner with your leadership team to conduct a full audit of your current marketing and sales strategies in order to develop a comprehensive marketing communications strategy to ensure that your organization can bolster its visibility and outreach methods in the ultra- competitive global marketplace. In addition, we will work with your support staff and provide a full suite of suggested messaging strategies and recommendations based on urgent industry- related events that directly impact your customers.

Social Media, Blogging and/or Email Marketing Strategy

Developing a focused, comprehensive social media strategy will enable clients to target consumers online and develop closer ties with relevant industry reporters. The simple development or dissemination of a boiler plate press release has become an archaic method of driving publicity or media publicity regarding company-related news or events. A dynamic successful social media strategy helps organizations build symbiotic relationships with the press and will become a critical tool in bolstering your media outreach and industry influencer groups.

Implementing this digital marketing communications strategy includes social media, blogging and email marketing which are paramount to generating ‘buzz’ and awareness for groundbreaking events, product launches or policy initiatives. Learn more about how we can empower you to become a “social media ambassador” within your own organization!

Qualitative Research

Before launching a new product, getting customer feedback is essential to its success in the marketplace. FTM will utilize ZMET interviews and/or focus groups to provide our clients with actionable recommendations to help ensure that products are meeting the underlying needs of its specified target segments of the population. Our team will spearhead the recruitment of respondents, conduct the interviews and create finalized deliverables that will help meet the goals of our client’s business.

Technical Writing

Are you launching a new product or seeking to disseminate product-related specifications, instructions and benefits to your customers? We can produce white papers, one-page briefs, brochures and online briefing materials to help ensure your customers are well-informed about your product’s specifications and benefits when they are making critical purchasing decisions.

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